How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners? Liquid Eyeliner Easy Tutorial

Hi Guys!

Eye makeup is one of the most sorted and easiest ways to look beautiful for women all across the world without having to devote a major chunk of their time for this routine. Whereas for some it comes naturally, most the beginners struggle with putting a perfect eyeliner of their upper and lower lashline/waterline.

So I have stated few steps in this blog post and a detailed video where you get step by step breakdown and learn how to apply eyeliner, perfect for beginners.

Two very easy ways to apply liquid eye liner on the top lashline. A lot of us have issues in putting liner. Some of us cannot get a symmetry on both the eyes, for some the hand is not steady and keeps shaking.

1. Start with small strokes from the centre

2. Use sticky notes to get perfect wing of the eye liner

3. Use a pencil/felt tip liner if liquid liner seems a bit difficult to use.

4. Rest your elbow on a table to get a steady hand while applying the liquid liner.

5. Since liquid liner has a fine tip, it becomes extremely easier to draw a fine wing or cat eyes using a liquid eye liner.

6. A liquid eye liner requires some practice so invest in a good quality eyeliner thats not very expensive and start practicing. Make mistakes and perfect your art of applying eye makeup.

7. To accentuate the look of the eyeliner do not forget to apply kohl pencil to the tightline and finish the look with a coat or two of mascara.

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Sneha Sen

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