15 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – Beauty, Skin, Hair Hacks


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Apply vaseline to your skin and see the magic. The humble Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which we have been using as a lip balm for years is a very versatile product. In this video I have shared 15 different amazing uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Vaseline can be used for various skin, beauty and hair care purposes in our daily life.
15 different ways mentioned in the video are:-
1. Turn matte Lips Glossy
2. Cheekbone Highlighter
3. Eyebrow Gel
4. Moisturise Eyelids
5. Lip Exfoliator
6. Tame Frizz
7. Fix Split Ends
8. Moisturise shaved hands and legs
9. DIY Cream Blush
10. Manicure at home
11. Fix cuticles
12. Sensitive earlobes
13. Grow eyelashes
14. Preserve fragrance longer
15.Tight Nail Polish Lids

Watch the details of all these different uses here:-

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  1. Nice blog and very useful info here. I have used Vaseline petroleum jelly mostly as a lip balm but now I can see different uses of the same. Thanks for sharing this amazing video. Very useful and informative.

  2. Wow… Really very useful. I used vaseline Petroleum jelly from my childhood but I didn’t know vaseline as much beneficial. Thanks for information.

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