Rice Water Anti Aging Face Mask Uses & Benefits | Japanese Beauty Secrets


Rice Water Anti Aging Face Mask | Skin Lightening with Bright, Clear, Glowing,, Youthful Skin

Rice has been used as a natural beauty treatment for thousands of years in Japan. It has helped Japanese women to keep their skin smooth, soft and beautiful by rinsing it with rice powder. The different parts of the rice plant help to hydrate, exfoliate, soothe and protect the skin from several skin diseases.

If your face has become dull, it is the time to create a brightening effect to your skin. Rice can be used to increase the brightening effect of your skin. You don’t have to use the harmful cosmetics and simply depend on rice to get very bright and glowing skin tone. You can dip a cotton pad in the rice water and enjoy the benefit of glowing skin tone.

Soak half cup rice in water and leave it till the water appears cloudy. It may take half an hour to one hour. Separate the rice from the water in a sieve.
The leftover water after boiling rice is found to be rich in minerals and vitamins which are good for the beauty of the skin and hair. A flawless face is the result of regularly washing the face with this water. It is rich in nutrients that help to promote the growth of cells, slowing down the process of aging and increasing the flow of blood.

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