8 Nivea Cream Benefits/ Uses in Hindi


Nivea Cream Amazing Uses in Daily Life | 8 Surprising Beauty Hacks

Learn how to use the very popular nivea beauty creme in your daily skincare and hair care routine.
This helps in anti- aging, skin whitening and brightening, getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles on face, forehead and mouth area.
It also acts as an excellent hair moisturiser and mask, helps in keeping hair frizz free and taming split ends.

1.Dry Elbows and Knees

Nivea Beauty Creme finds its use as a moisturising treatment for dry elbows and knees in winter season. We all face this issue of scaly, rough and dry elbows and knees. Nivea being a heavy moisturiser works well in nourishing these areas to keep them soft and smooth throughout the year.

2.Heal Burns, Rashes, Insect/Mosquito Bite or Cuts

Nivea Creme helps in treating any kinds of cuts, rashes, burns or inflammation from insect bites on the skin. It has glycerin present in it which aids in soothing the inflamed skin surface without any harmful effects.

3. Daily Hand Cream

Nivea works really well as a daily hand cream in summers and winters. Most of our hands become extremely dry after repeatedly washing our hands for various household chores. Apply a thick layer of Nivea creme and massage all over the hands to keep them soft.

4.Hair Moisturiser/ Leave In Cream

Nivea works great not only for skin but for hair also. Applying Nivea creme on the hair ends or hair strands helps to tame frizz, flyaways or baby hair. It also keeps a check on the split ends due to dry hair.

5.Night Cream for Fairness

Nivea contains glycerin which helps in getting rid of pigmentation, dark spots or damage to the skin due to sun tan. This in turn helps in lightening the overall colour and appearance of the skin.Apply a layer of Nivea cream at night before going to bed. Gradually you will be able to see reduction in the skin problems due to sun damage.

6. Cuticle Nail Care

The damage done to cuticles due to extreme weather conditions or repeated exposure to water results in bleeding and ingrown nails. This can be really harmful for the nails in the long run. Keep them under check by applying Nivea cream to make it looking prim and proper.

7. Curing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

After delivery, one of the main effects that occur on the body physically and visually are stretch marks.These lower the confidence of the woman and do not look nice either. The good old humble Nivea cream works great in curing the pregnancy stretch marks and getting rid of the lines.

8.Anti-Aging Treatment for Wrinkles on Face and Forehead

One of the Nivea Cream uses is that it helps in treating the wrinkles that appear due to aging on face and forehead. Glycerin nourishes the dry and wrinkled areas making them appear smooth and youthful.


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