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Hi Guys!!

I always share how to make yourself look beautiful, clean and healthy be it hair, skin, body or the overall personality on this blog. But today, I am going to share something very unique and different.Taking care of the environment is equally important when it comes to self-care and if it is the immediate ambiance around us, it should top our priority list. What say?? Air Pollution and its effects have been haunting us for centuries now.

But how many of us think about our indoor air in the same way that we do about the cars burning fuel on the roads.Probably very few!!

  • The incense stick that mommy burns in the house neither pleases God nor our human system. It makes your house walls unhappy and your lungs too. Phewwww!!!
  • The choolha that most rural Indian mothers make use of, to cook delicious food for their family takes them one step closer to deadly diseases everyday.
  • To top it all, when daddy opens a pack of cigarette to wane away his daily dose of stress, the artistic smokey ringlets are no less than garlands of death.
  • Also the very effervescent and volatile paints that must have been very easy on the family’s pocket will take a heavy toll on their health in the coming years.

With such shocking impacts on the gift of this healthy body given by God, lets pledge to take some strict steps to promote healthy Indoor Air Quality because Your Home is your own little bit of Heaven on Earth!!

Some pointers for a healthy home ambiance:-

  1. Strictly say no to bro or dad smoking inside the home premises.Put a No Smoking Zone sign outside. Small children and elderly suffer the most from this dangerous form of indoor air pollution.
  2. Keep the LPG gas cylinder inside a specifically designed drawer/closet to minimise family’s exposure to gaseous pollutants.
  3. Make use of wall paints devoid of VOCs which are one of the major causes of air pollution inside the house. Asian Paints Royal Atmos seems to be a promising option. Using lead free paint to make sure the family is not inhaling hazardous chemicals.
  4. Keep the fluorescent lights and bulbs emanating UV light off for when you dont need them.
  5. Ask the family members or guests to take their shoes off before entering the house. This keeps a lot of unwanted dust and micro-organisms out.
  6. Ventilating the house in an appropriate manner is the key. Make sure to have exhaust fans and chimneys in the kitchen. Burning of LPG gas, soot and gaseous emits from cooking spread like slow poison into the lungs. This will keep the mother as well as inmates health in check.
  7. Carpets attract the maximum amount of dust, mites and pollutants. Keep the rugs or heavy carpets away if possible and encourage dust free home.

Keep these pointers in mind and the house will become cleaner and healthier than you could ever imagine.

Till then keep safe and happy reading.

Bye bye!!


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