How to do Gold Facial at Home | घर पर कैसे करे गोल्ड फेशियल


Step by Step Gold Facial at Home Tutorial

In this video tutorial learn How to do Gold Facial at Home. This is a step by step video in hindi which can be done easily at home. It includes the benefits of gold particles that makes this facial a must have to give that natural glow and fairness to the skin. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturization in the daily skin care routine is not enough always, going for a facial once in 15 days can show amazing results in your skin.

A gold facial in a parlour costs somewhere between Rs 2000-3000 but this can be done at home within Rs 300 which is very economic and money saver.
Gold facial at home is good for all the skin types and even for those of you with the sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate the skin.Gold particles in the facial kit, helps to brighten the dull complexion and removes skin tanning in a gentle manner. It helps to drain the lymph nodes and get rid of toxins thereby imparting a healthy glow and radiance to the skin.


Lets learn what is gold facial with this step by step procedure!

Step 1: Gold Cleanser
This helps to get rid of the dirt and grime on the facial skin and prepares the skin for gold facial.

Step 2: Gold Gel Scrub
This mild scrub helps in gently pushing away dead skin and blackheads from the skin surface.

Step 3: Gold Massage Cream
The massage cream is lightweight and buttery in texture. Massage it for good 10 minutes on the skin with different pressing and circular motion massaging techniques.

Step 4: Gold Facial Gel
The golden gel is loaded with gold particles, and the gel is a treat for tired and dull skin. Even skin which is sunburned or inflamed will love the cooling yet invigorating nature of this gel.

Step 5: Gold Facial Pack
It takes 15 minutes to work on the skin and help refine the cleaned pores after a facial.

The golden glow lasts for a couple of days and makes the skin look lustrous and radiant.

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Check this detailed video on Youtube for demonstration!!

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