How to Get Long Thick Hair with Onion Oil?


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So today I have a new post for you where I am telling you how you can get long thick hair with the help of this DIY Homemade Hair Oil. This is a completely natural and effective remedy to treat thin hair which has been damaged due to colouring, pollution and other environmental effects.

Long Thick Hair is a dream for most women and young girls. I get a lot of queries about my hair and how I manage such long tresses. All you need is a little protection, minimum usage of chemical products and a healthy diet.

Today’s DIY will require:-

2 medium sized onions

4 tsp Almond Oil

100 ml Coconut Oil

50 ml Mustard Oil

7-8 tsp Amla Powder

2-3 sticks of curry leaves

Coconut Oil is the base oil for this DIY.

1.Mix all the liquid ingredients together first.
2.After that add all the powdered ingredients and leaves.
3.Lastly add sliced onions to the mixture.
4.Let the products mix together and they will form a masala like consistency where all the ingredients and their chemical compounds will get mixed with the oils.
5.Set the flame on medium for the entire process.
6.After the onions turn golden brown ( i.e. after 15-20 minutes) turn the flame off.
7.Let the mixture of oil cool down for about a few hours.
8.Take any plastic or glass bottle and sieve the oil so that the solid ingredients do not get sieved.
9. You can use this oil before shampooing.

Onions have a lot of sulfur in them. Sulfur helps in building the keratin in the hair which is the main protein present in hair strands. This helps in fast and thick hair growth. Alongwith that onions are great in treating alopecia or hairfall. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties help in treating dandruff from its roots. But if you have a sensitive skin or you are allergic to the use of onions please do a patch test before using this hair oil for long term.

Coconut Oil have anti-microbial properties in them which helps in hair regrowth. This acts as an excellent natural moisturiser. The abundance of various vitamins, minerals and nutrients makes it an effective to get long thick hair in a shorter span of time.

Mustard Oil has beta-carotene, fatty acids, Calcium and Magnesium present in it which help in promoting hair growth in scalp.

This oil is extremely beneficial in promoting hair growth and good hair health. If you make this hair oil do not forget to share the experience here.

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