Top 11 Uses of Vitamin E Capsule for Skin and Hair | How to Use Vitamin E Oil?


Top 11 Uses of Vitamin E Capsule for Skin and Hair | How to Use Vitamin E Oil?

How to Use Vitamin E Oil Capsules to get Rid of Under Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Chapped Lips, Dull Dry and Lifeless Skin. In this video I have highlighted the top 11 ways to use the Vitamin E Oil Capsule to be used for Face and Body Skin care and hair care.

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The Vitamin E Capsules that I have used in this video are Evion- 400 capsules that are easily available at any chemist’s store nearby. These green coloured capsules retail for INR 20 for 10 capsules.

There is one more variant available of the Vitamin E capsules which are called Evion -800 capsules but its safer to use Evion – 400 for home remedy purposes because it has completely tested to be safe and harmless.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil Capsule?

Take out a capsule from the package. Either prick it with a pin or use a small scissor to make a cut to one of its sides. This will help in the oil oozing out from the capsule. Make sure to use the cut capsule in 2-3 days (to not let the oil lose its efficacy)

 Top 11 Uses of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin and Hair:-

#1 Under Eye Dark Circles
#2 Treatment for Chapped and Pigmented Lips
#3 Soften hands
#4 Night Time Moisturiser
#5 Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
#6 Acne Treatment
#7 Everyday Moisturiser
#8 Taming Frizz and Flyaways
#9 Intensive Hair Treatment
#10 Makeup Remover
#11 Brightening Face Pack


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