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I am back with a new post today. This time I am going to share the best makeup brushes available in India. Makeup Brushes form an important and inseparable part of makeup. Without these, makeup might look cakey, over the top,unblended or too obvious. But thanks to these wonderful inventions, one can apply the heaviest of makeup and still not look made up. I love the fact that we can apply full coverage makeup at home without much professional expertise and still be good at it. For me, I give most of the credit to the makeup tools and accessories that make this possible.

Lets have a look at some of the best makeup brushes that are available in India. For me, most part of my makeup shopping is online-So here I will emphasize on the best brushes available online.

1. Real Techniques

This has been one of the most loved brands internationally and in India as well. Initially when websites started selling these, they were way too steeply priced but now the rates have become at par with international prices. They are exceptionally good quality tools that not shed bristles, are well priced and ergonomically designed as well. Need more reasons to love the brand? The bristles are super soft and once you get addicted to it, you aren’t leaving them lying back in the stash anymore.


Buy here :- Real Techniques Core Collection Set

2. Beauty Blender

Though this is not a makeup brush but in my opinion, it is more powerful than 10 makeup brushes combined. It blends foundation, concealer, blush,contour like a pro.I cant even imagine my makeup stash without this anymore.Anybody who has ever used a beauty blender knows how this tiny little thing takes makeup to a completely new level. This is on the expensive side and one might think if investing INR 1500 or more is worth for such a tiny makeup sponge or not. To this I would say, rather than buying 5-6 different brushes buy this and see the change in the way you wear your

Buy here :- Beauty Blender Pro

3. PAC Cosmetics

This is a new Indian brand and has been doing quite the rounds among beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. These are the new style of brushes in the beauty world and have been quite a rave especially the original Artis ones which cost a bomb. The brand calls it a tapered foundation kabuki brush. Use it to blend and place the foundation. One of the best kind of brushes to blend undereye makeup. 


Buy here :- PAC Special Brush

Apart from these there are other brands like Vega, eco Tools and some Chinese Imported brushes available online too but I would advise you to steer clear of them and invest your moeny in these instead. They will last you for a really long time.

Do let me know how did you find the post. Waiting for your comments below.

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