Top 5 Must Have Items in a Bride-To-Be’s Kit!

mascara for bride to be

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I am back with a new requested post today. I will be talking about the five must have items in a bride-to-be’s Makeup Kit.If you are someone who is in the planning phase of marriage or is about to get married real soon, then you should keep this list real handy. In this post, I will list down the items which are either multi-purpose or are the ones which bring out the best of your facial features without emphasizing too much on the ‘Made-up’ look. Many girls I know, don’t like wearing makeup that much or probably the look of it. I get you but let’s be real, if given a chance would you not like to look a little more prettier!!

Bride-To-Be’s Essentials

As a bride-to-be, you must be definitely packing foundation, lipsticks, eye liner, blushes etc in your vanity.It’ll be great if you are doing all that but in this list there are some items which are multi-purpose, save space and give you a lot of uses from a single product.

1. Concealer

clinique even better

Concealer itself is a multipurpose item in a makeup kit. From hiding dark circles to blemishes, acne marks and acting as a base for the eyeshadow it serves all. Now if you are someone who doesnt like the feel and look of a foundation, concealer is your best friend then. Just apply it on the problem areas on a bare face and the face looks equally good.

Tip:  If you are someone who loves kohl or heavy smokey eyes, concealer is a must to cancel all the imperfection under the eyes and make the eye makeup look flawless.

My recommendations : L.A. Girl Pro Concealers and MAC Prolongwear Concealer

2. Lip and Cheek Stain


This is one multipurpose product for all the laidback brides who do not care about a bang on bright lipstick or the hassle of carrying multiple products in their bag. This one product gives flushed cheeks and a beautiful hint of colour on the lips without going overboard. I would definitely recommend this to the brides who look for re-touches in their lip and cheek colour.

My recommendations : The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

3.Beauty Blender

how to use a beauty blender

Another multipurpose product that saves the hassle of carrying 10 brushes in the make up kit. Right from foundation to blush, it blends all possible makeup products effortlessly. Looking for natural finish in heavy duty makeup, then this is a must. I just cannot tell you how much this has changed at the way I look at blending my makeup now. I am definitely not afraid of any heavy duty foundation or concealer now.

Buy it here : Original Beauty Blender

4. Mascara

mascara for bride to be

Mascara is the most underrated and least talked about product in eye makeup whereas it can take your look to another level altogether. We as Indians love our kajal so much that we completely ignore our fluttery lashes. Even if there are days where you are not in a mood for an eyeliner or kajal, a hint of mascara instantly opens up the eye and gives that no-makeup yet beautiful look that is seen on celebs and in magazines all around ( Yaa, Mascara is the secret to beautiful eyes in all those Skincare ads where one wonders how does the model look like a million bucks even without any makeup)

My recommendations : Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara 

5. Primer

primer for bride to be

Last but not the least a face primer is one of the most important items in a bride-to-be’s kit. Long hours of ceremonies, rituals, meeting friends, family and in-laws might leave the face looking dull and tired and makeup might tend to wane away by that time. This is where a primer comes into picture. It helps to keep make up in place for longer hours without reacting with the skin and there are versions which provide a sheer glow to the skin as well.

My recommendations : Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Did you enjoy reading the post and benefit from my recommendations? I would love to know from you.

Until next time,bye bye!!

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