How To Dress Up For A Winter Wedding?


Hi Guys!

I am back with a new post today and in this post I am going to share how one can dress appropriately for a winter wedding. Now that Dussehra is over, fall is almost here and so is the wedding season for the next 5 months. Most of us will have to attend a ton of parties and Indianwear will be the prime attire for majority. Most of the Ethnic clothes that are available these days are quite baring and daring which looks lovely and comfortable in Summers but for winters it leaves your spine frozen. I know this because I have had friends telling me how their midriff baring lehenga caught them a mighty cold the next day.


Personally for me, I am someone who has cold intolerance. I am on the lower end of the BMI scale so I have very less amount of fat in the body to help preserve its heat. Therefore, I have to take special precautions in the colder weather and I just cannot wear skimpy clothes in the winters. Maybe, someday when I get a bit fatty I will be able to do so. ( Yes, I wish to gain a little bit weight 😀 )

Keep it Stylish in Winter Weddings too

Coming back to today’s topic, the first thing I would like to suggest you is :


  1. Dress according to your body’s homeostatis ( i.e. the temperature at which body feels comfortable ). The kind and material of clothes worn directly affect body temperature.
  2. Opt for three-quarter and full sleeved dresses in Anarkalis, Gowns, lehengas etc.
  3. Instead of backless and deep neck blouses go for peplum top blouses, high neck blouses, balloon sleeved and bodysuit type blouses over sarees and lehengas. Trust me they never go out of fashion and look quite chic in a wedding in a sea of sleevless and strappy blouses.
  4. Opting for heavily embroidered, pleated, flared anarkali, gowns, lehengas, suits and skirts in the dresses help you keep warm throughout the functions.
  5. Draping of the dupatta plays a very important role in weddings and in winter weddings clever draping helps you keep warm and covered.
  6. If its chilling cold, wear leg and body warmers to be worn inside the dresses. Covered blouses do all the hiding and leave you warm while looking stylish.
  7. Honestly, if it is a January wedding I dont shy away from wearing a high neck sweater too.
  8. One of the very interesting fashion twists that can be given is to wear a turtleneck sweater as a blouse and drape a saree over the same. So now you know, the next time you buy your favourite turtleneck sweater from Zara, how to wear it to a wedding.
  9. Wear clothes that are layered or layer them yourselves.
  10. Opt for closed toe shoes that help keep the feet warm.
  11. Instead of tying hair in a bun or any other updo, let your hair down, curl them or leave them straightened.


These were my tips to dress up for a winter wedding while keeping yourself warm. Do you know of any other tricks to look stylish in Ethnic Indianwear in Weddings?

Until next time, bye bye!!


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