Top 5 Items For Men’s Grooming Kit


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So a post on men’s grooming products has been a requested post on this blog. Therefore, I am here writing my first post about men’s grooming and skincare. Men’s beauty and skincare items has often been related with ‘Metro-sexuality’ but I completely disagree with the term and believe that males too need basic hygienic grooming to themselves. So in this blogpost, I will be listing down a few items all you men ( or men in your life, if you are a lady reading this) should have in your daily grooming kit. This can also be a kit which you can carry as and when you travel for work/vacation purposes.

Men’s Grooming Kit Essentials

1. Face Wash

I am sure most of the men ignore this but having a face wash made for men or the ones available oily skin is an essential. Most of you have many more sebaceous glands than females which tends to accumulate oil, dirt, dust and grime more. This results in dull and skin full of blackheads.It can be easily taken care by ditching that soap used while taking a bath and regularly using a face wash.

My Suggestions : O3+ Men Tea Tree Mela Derm Cleansing Gel Face Wash ( Mr. A loves it too :D)


2. Trimmer

This is for all the men who are always running out of time. You want a crisp, celeb like beard but have no time to spare for shaping the moustache, then a trimmer is your best friend for life. There are a number of good quality trimmers available in the market but if you are just starting out with it, I suggest to go for the trusty Philips Pro Skin Advance Trimmer. It comes with non-scratch teeth, and the blades and combs have rounded tips for a smooth trimming experience.


3. Face and Body Scrub

If you suffer from a lot of hair ingrowth, i.e. hair growth inside the skin after every trim/shave that feels rough and scaly, the use of a scrub on the face and body is your best bet. It takes all the dead skin away from the top layer and skin feels smoother. It also reduces the amount of blackheads and their appearance on the skin.

Check this : NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Face Scrub


4. Wet and Dry Shaver

One of the hottest things in the Men’s Grooming Section in the market today. The easiest bladeless way to shave for all the men out there. Its easy, less time consuming and a sleek suave product for the Grooming Kit. Though it requires use of a shaving gel/foam. the precision is on point.

Check this : Braun Wet and Dry Foil Shaver 


5. Moustache Wax

A moustache wax is helpful against beard ruff, dry & fragile hair, hair loss, skin inflammation, itching, rashes & wrinkles, so go ahead pamper yourself & indulge in your manliness every day.  Simply scrape off the wax with your thumb or forefinger. Work the wax into pea size ball. Flatten the wax ball between your fingers and rub the wax back and forth on your mustache; you can also twist your mustache hair to give the desired shape.

My Suggestion : Mustache Wax by THE REAL MAN


If you are like Mr. A and have no time to collect all the grooming items separately a readymade kit like this will be the best thing for you. Check a range of Grooming Kits available here :- Men Grooming Kits  . Prices start from INR 300 till INR 5000. SO everyone has something to pick up from the kit section.

Do let me know if you found this useful and share it with all the men in your life.

Until next time, bye bye!!

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