How to Plan Makeup/Outfit The Night Before?


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I am back with a new post today. I will be talking about some organising on the wardrobe front today. We all have wardrobes full of clothes since most of us keep shopping every now and then. Be it buying clothes, makeup,jewellery, accessories or shoes, I find myself saving up and finally getting my hands on something off my wishlist. I am sure most of you do the same thing. But the thing that most commonly happens is that, on a certain occasion “We have nothing to wear”.

Most of us find ourselves staring at a wardrobe full of clothes and not being able to decide what to wear. This happens because at that instant we are running short of time and panic makes the situation even worse. So what is the solution to this never ending problem?The answer is:-

Plan Makeup/Outfit The Night Before!

Plan Makeup The Night Before

Yes, this is one management skill I have learnt from my mom over a long period of time. Ever was I was in my teens, I heard her always asking me to pick the outfit I am going to wear the next day, that same night. This used to piss me off so much but when I shifted to hostel for studies, I realised it is a golden wardrobe organising skill.

Whether you are in college, go to office, have a special occasion to go to or even a day out with BFFs this saves a lot of time and saves from the panic in the eleventh hour.

  1. Pick atleast 3 outfits from the wardrobe which you like and think will be apt for the occasion. If you are not sure what you should wear, ask your family and friends for help. This will help in selectively sidelining the probable outfit for the event/next day.
  2. Pick 2-3 lipstick shades that will compliment the outfit. If its college or office you could go with your everyday lipstick. But if it is any special occasion, selection of 2-3 lipsticks is a must, to have some options.
  3.  If you are a makeup hoarder like me, digging in the makeup stash at the last moment can be a headache. Select the eyeshadow, blush and the eyeliner beforehand only.
  4. Dig your accessory stash and take the complimenting bracelets, earrings out. This takes a lot of time and if done with ample amount of time in hand can give you the desired look.
  5. Either have the shoes ready with polishing,cleaning them with a brush or have it in mind if you are too tired to take it out in the night.

Do you guys plan your makeup/outfit the night before? Have you had any last minute hassle experiences with picking the outfit for the day. Waiting to hear in the comments below.

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  1. I always get my outfit ready before occassions, and if it’s office atleast decide what I will wear the next day. I cannot even imagine leaving uptil the last moment 😀 You look so classy in that outfit 🙂

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