Top 5 Makeup Mistakes We Are Making!

makeup mistakes top 5

Stop These Makeup Mistakes Right Away

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Happy Independence Day to all the lovely readers from India. This day our country got liberated and so should we from the makeup mistakes we’ve been making all this while. Putting skincare and makeup products on face and body have become a part of our lifestyle these days. Right from college going young ladies to office going elderly women, looking good and enhancing the beauty we already have,is a norm now. Therefore, knowing how to put makeup in a correct manner is an essential now to avoid looking overdone. In this post I will be sharing the top 5 makeup mistakes we ladies usually makeup which are destroying the effect those beautiful makeup products can give. Also, I will be sharing the ways they can be rectified that I have discovered with my experiences and knowledge.

1.Not using a moisturiser before putting makeup

This is the most important step towards a flawless makeup face. A right base before applying make up makes a huge difference in the way, the products sit on the skin. Moisturiser according to the skin type helps in balancing the moisture and texture of the skin surface. Sometimes you might notice flaky nose sides, exaggerated dry cheeks or excessively oily forehead after foundation application. The answer to all these skin woes is a correct moisturiser according to your skin type.

2. Not filling the eyebrows

Eyebrows are to our face what pillars are to a building. They frame and structure a building like eyebrows give a certain definition to the face. You fill your eyebrows once and see the impact of this one makeup item in your beauty routine.Not filling the brows is one of the makeup mistakes made by many women. Fuller brows give a youthful look to the face and bring the best features of the face out.

3.Not lining the lips before Lipstick

Majority of the women have pigmentation on the lips and they appear darker than their original colour. Most of the lipsticks available in the market do not have the decent amount of coverage to cover the sides of the lips and hide the pigmentation on the lips. This makes the lipstick application look incomplete and uneven. The secret to those model and celeb like lip colour is a nude lip liner prior to lipstick application.

4.Not matching the foundation shade to neck

Most often the foundation shade we pick matches to our face but the neck looks quite a few shades darker than the face. This mars the effect that a makeup application should give and the face looks ‘made up’. The purpose of applying makeup is to make it look like your second skin. While picking the foundation,it is very important to keep in mind to choose a foundation that matches to the face as well as neck in day as well as artificial lights.

5. No Colour Correction

You can colour correct the under eye dark circles, pimples marks on the face, redness and pigmentation and darkening around the mouth. These are the major hindrances which prevent women from aping the look they saw in a particular magazine the other day. Personally, I enjoy the world of difference an orange corrector makes to my under eye area. It makes me look awake and hides the dark under eyes.

What are the makeup mistakes you think, you have been making? Do tell me in the comments section below.


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