How To Use A Beauty Blender?

how to use a beauty blender

How To Use A Beauty Blender and blend to Perfection!

Hi Guys!

Today I will be talking about the different ways to use a beauty blender. Tools and accessories are an integral part in any makeup lovers’ vanity. To achieve flawless and on point makeup, brushes and sponges are a must have in the makeup kit. I have been using various makeup brushes and those triangular wedge sponges from a long,long time. I was kind of happy with the results that I used to get for most of my base products until I stumbled upon my Holy Grail tool for putting makeup. They call it the Beauty Blender.

If you are into beauty and makeup,you must have definitely heard about this accessory called Beauty Blender. Most of you must have read reviews about it and wondered whats so special about this object that its raved by makeup lovers across the world, given its extremely pricey for a sponge.

Till the time,I had not used it,I had the exact same thoughts but after trying my hands on it, I have never looked back. Even while ordering it from Beauty Bay, I was quite apprehensive of whether I was investing in a thing or simply wasting my money.


INR 1500 on Beauty Bay
INR 1999 on Nykaa

How To Use It?

1.Take the beauty blender and run it under tap water.

2. Squeeze the excess water to make sure no water is dripping off the sponge.

3. Now dot the foundation,concealer,blush over the desired areas of the face.

4. Dab the damp beauty blender onto the skin gently.

5. Use alternate dab and drag motions until you are happy with the look.

Ways To Use It?

1.A Beauty Blender is a multi-purpose makeup sponge.

2.It can be used to blend almost all kinds of base up-cream,liquid,powder or mousse.

3.Beauty Blender is useful in blending foundation,concealer,contour,loose powder,highlighter and liquid/powder blush.

4.The pointed tip of the beauty blender helps in blending the base products in difficult to reach areas of the face such as the corners of eyes,corners of nose etc.

According to me,it blends the makeup most seamlessly and gives that flawless no makeup makeup look. Believe me when I say this that you will never see that cakey foundation look on your face after you use this to blend makeup.

This product stands true to its name and blends all types of makeup in an effortless manner. You will be a convert after using it once.The one that I have pictured here is the Pro version of the beauty blender. I have been using it for more than a year now and it hasn’t worn off a bit. Such a win -win situation.

Have you ever used a beauty blender before? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to know.

Until next time,bye bye!!

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