Skincare Tips for Monsoon Season.

skincare tips in monsoon

Beauty and Haircare in Rains!

Hi Guys!

I am back with a new post today where I share some skincare tips for monsoon season.Monsoons are a much awaited season in a tropical country like India. The respite from the scorching heat and heavenly showers are welcomed with open arms in almost all parts of the country. The joy of eating pakoras with chai and making paper boats is unparallel. Going for a long bike ride or getting drenched while coming back from school/college knows no joys. But with all such happy things comes viral fever, boils, fungal infections and endless amount of frizz and hairfall too. While monsoons are a lovely time, one should keep in mind a few things regarding their skin and hair to maximise the joy. In this post I will be giving some pointers to enhance your beauty during monsoons.

1.Eating Right.

Any good beauty regimen begins with a good diet. Be it skin, hair or internal health-good food equals to happy body. While eating the right kind of food is necessary throughout the year it becomes even more essential during monsoons when there is excessive moisture in the air . The bacteria and fungus harmful for the body become more active and can easily affect the body. At the first place, avoid eating out at all costs. This is the first step in keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing.

Eating too much sugar causes boils,pimples and related skin problems. Homemade fresh food is the best bet to stay disease free during this time.

2. No Experimentation with Beauty Items

We as beauty enthusiasts love trying out new skin and hair items off the shelves of markets. But rainy season is not the best time for experimenting with these new products.Skin is supremely sensitive during this time and any averse reaction with the chemicals in products can cause allergies and unwanted pimples. We dont want that to happen right.

3.Avoid too much Hair Styling

The moisture in the hair gives a crazy frizz and all you can do to your hair during this time is to tie it in a bun. I know this can be extremely frustating to the girls who love styling their hair with heat tools regularly. Too much use of hair styling tools strips the hair of even more moisture and leaves them looking excessively dry and lifeless. The best bet during this time is to tie hair in different braids and buns to keep them looking stylish.

4. Using Fragrances in the Right Way

The strong smell and content of alcohol in your Eau de Toilette/Parfum helps in warding off micro-organisms away. This is one essential tip I picked up from my Doctor dad. He says that spraying perfume in a moderate amount on clothes before you step out of the house serves an anti-microbial action and helps keeps germs away from the body. Make sure you do not forget to put your favourite fragrance on before stepping out.

5. Homemade Skin Remedies to the Rescue

Nothing like some DIY face and skin masks to make sure the skin and hair looks healthy and shining. I have also shared some easy to do homemade face masks which can be made from items available in the kitchen. This saves the skin from parabens and silicones present in readymade face packs available off the shelves.

These were my skincare tips in monsoon season. What do you do to stay healthy during rains? I would lvoe to know in the comments below.

Until next time,bye bye!!

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    1. You already have a fabulous hairstyle lady. Its for the ladies with long tresses who might struggle with styling in monsoons.

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