Best Deodorants For Women!

best deodorant for women

Types of Deodorants Available in Market

Hi Guys!

Today I will be talking about the different kind of deodorants available in the market and how you can use each one of them. Healthy living is one of the most important requisites for a good life and taking care of your skin is the first thing to begin with. I am sure each one of us like to use some kind of deodorant or a talcum powder after taking a shower to keep the armpits smelling fresh and good throughout the day. Right from the adolescent to the elderly everyone seems to use one thing or the other.

In this post, I have compiled various types of deodorants that can be used to stay fresh,smelling good and feeling crisp about yourself. There isnt anything worse than the ghastly,sweaty armpits whose smell make you puke especially when you step into a public transport and there are random people surrounding you in such unwanted smells. (How I wish we could gift them a bottle of deodorant,right 😀 )

Listed below are the various kind of deodorants available in the market and their pros and cons.

1.Natural Deodorant Creams

This is the first kind of deodorant that I wanted to bring to your notice because I believe the concept has not been popularised so much in India as it is in the western counterparts. Deodorants that come in a jar in cream form. These are made out of natural ingredients and are completely safe to be used on the skin. I cam across this brand called burst of Happyness through various beauty bloggers last year and I ordered one just to give it a try. After trying the product for a week then, I was sold completely for the rest of my life. This particular one is made from Baking Soda,Arrorwroot, Cocoa Butter,Coconut oil etc. which are all natural and safe ingredients. The best part about this deo is that even if you have been wearing it throughout the day you are not going to smell bad. It is so long lasting. The variants shown in the picture are Rose Crush and Cedarwood and Bergamot.

best deodorant for women

2.Anti-Perspirant Roll On

The second type of deodorants are the roll ons. One has to place the rounded ball portion of the product directly onto the armpits and roll on it to dispense the liquid deodorant. This is not as popular as the can form but still there are a lot of people who prefer using this. This too keeps the stinky smell at bay for long but given the number of chemicals in it, its not as safe as a natural deodorant.

When you layer this roll on deo with the spray one the smell will not go away until you take yoru next shower 😀 I think that can be a great tip for all brides to be.

best deodorant for women

3. Spray Can Deodorants

One of the popular form of anti-perspirants are deodorant in spray can bottles. Everyday we see new brands coming up with their range of deodorants in market. These are quite convenient to use and easily available everywhere but are loaded with a lot of chemicals like parabens and aluminum. These harmful chemicals are known to be cause of breast cancer according to some medical reports so I try to steer away from its regular usage.

best deodorant for women

These were the types of deodorants I thought I would like my readers to know about. What is the type you like to use in your daily lives? I would love to know in the comments below.

Until next time,bye bye!!

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