Forest Essentials Nargis Mist Review

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Hi Guys!
I am back with another review today. I will be talking about another Made in India brand whose products I feel very proud to own and talk about. The brand in focus today is Forest Essentials and I will show you how to Nargis Mist looks like. The brand’s tagline says Luxurious Ayurveda and going by the packaging, look and feel of the products it definitely stands true to what it claims. It manufactures natural and ayurvedic products and they feel no less than a spa to the senses. To believe what I am talking about, one has to walk past/inside a Forest Essentials store to experience the feeling. The stores smell no less than a flower garden amalgamated with a luxury spa ( if only that existed…Sigh!! ). Coming to the product I am reviewing today, the body mist is in the fragrance Nargis.

forest essentials nargis mist

What The Brand Says?

This cooling, refreshing and hydrating Body Mist is infused with the delicate fragrance of the Nargis flower. This flower is from the Narcissus family and blooms for a few months in high altitudes in India. It has a beautiful soft floral scent. This lightly fragrant Nargis Body Mist refreshes, rehydrates and leaves the skin scented for hours.

Directions To Use

Fresh herb infused fragrant body mist to soften and scent your skin. Use as often as required.

Key Ingredients

Aqua, Pure Grain Alcohol, Aloevera, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Wheatgerm Extract, Nargis Flower Extract.

forest essentials review

My Thoughts on The Product

While thinking about this Forest Essentials review, the most difficult thing was to describe the scent to my readers. This body mist can be directly applied to the pulse points of the body. I mainly apply it to the inner side of both my wrists to make the smell last longer. The products smells strongly of floral extracts which does not become quite overpowering for the senses. Nargis flower extracts have been derived from the flowers growing in high altitude regions of India and concocted in a bottle filled with luxury for ever end user. One spray on each wrist is enough for the smell to last for a good couple of hours provided one is not washing his/her hands. Even after the strong scent fades away after a while,the floral aroma lingers around. This is surely noticeable by others around because I keep getting asked what have I put on.


100 ml retails for INR 1675.


This can be easily bought online at the Forest Essentials official website, at Nykaa or at the Forest Essentials stores. I would definnitely recommend you to give it a sniff if you are passing by an FE store. You won’t be able to walk away without buying it for sure.

forest essentials review

forest essentials review

Have you used any Forest Essentials product? I would love to know your review on the products.

Until next time, bye bye!

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  1. Hey gal …definitely i will give it a try!! Always the forest essentials outlet have attracted me towards it .. 🙂

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