My Top 3 Effective Products for Acne Prone Skin

top 3 products for acne prone skin

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I am back with a new post today.In this post, I will be talking about products that I use to tackle my acne problems on the face nad keep them away. Anyone who has ever faced  recurring acne problem on the face knows how embarassing and discouraging it feels,especially when an important event is in the pipeline. Yes, you guys are not the only one who have witnessed such days, I have been a victim too. And what is more disheartening is the fact that I beared the brunt of adult acne in my early twenties and had a relatively clear skin and no acne issues during my teenage. This was a surprising discovery for me since I only associated acne with teenage. But adult acne is as common as acne during puberty in women.

Like everyone else, I started looking online for solutions and remedies to clear up the pimples and scars left behind. The scars and pits left behind are most dreadful since they take almost an year to fade away.

top 3 acne products

Let me share my top 3 products which have different roles to play in my skincare to keep my adult acne at bay.

1. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

One of the best moisturisers that can happen to acne prone skin. It has a gel like consistency and blends into the skin in seconds. On regular usage, I noticed a considerable amount of difference in my skin texture and appearance of zits lessened majorly. I have talked about this product earlier on the blog too and I cant stop endorsing how effective this product is. It delivers all that it claims and I have been using it everyday since I got my hands on it, last year in the month of October.

top 3 acne products 3

2. Rangoli Roop Sagar Herbal Facial Cream

One of the main reasons of writing this post was to introduce two amazing Ayurvedic/Herbal products from Indian brands based in Kolkata. To flourish as an economy more, it is very important to support and bring forward products Made in India. This cream is enriched with saffron and helps with most skin problems. This product has helped in fading my deep pitted acne scars and gives an overall glow to the skin. I use it after the Effaclar duo moisturiser.

top 3 acne products 2

3. Arish Spot Corrector Papaya Chandan Serum

This third product in my vanity is a night skincare item. It cannot be used during the day because of its sticky consistency. The face feels yucky and sticky after its application, but anything for a flawless skin, right! Papaya and Chandan in the serum help in fading of blemishes as quick as possible. It has been only 3 weeks since I have been using it and my acne marks are slowly fading away. The reason to trust and invest in local skincare brands is that the credibility and efficacy in their case exponentially increases. Their main aim is customer well being and satisfaction.

Instead of loading my skin with even more chemicals, I believe in going for natural skincare products like these. Some of them might take time in showing results but they are safe for long term use.

top 3 acne products 1

These were my top 3 products for acne prone skin. I have benefitted a lot from them after a lot of research and trial of different kind of products. I would love to know how you take care of your skin in the comments down below.

Until next time, bye bye!!


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