My Top 10 The Body Shop Products

the body shop top 10 products

Hi Guys!!

Today,I will be talking about my top 10 skincare/beauty products from one of my most favourite brands.Yes,you guessed it right from the title of the blogpost :P, its The Body Shop.Recently,the brand celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary so I thought let’s dedicate an entire blogpost to the brand that has offered us so much over the years.It has taken care of my zits,acne,lip pigmentation and dry body skin.I have been a religious user of TBS products from the past 5 years and most of them have performed exceptionally well.

the body shop top 10 products

In this post,I am going to share my top 10 The Body Shop products of all times.This includes some which have been discontinued by the brand here but I loved them so much that I had to include them in my post here.

1.Fuji Green Tea Body Wash

This body wash is my current obsession in these hot summer months here in India.It has that zesty lemon smell to it which rejuvenates my senses during bath time.Every time I come out of the shower after using this my bathroom smells of fresh lemons ๐Ÿ˜›

tbs fuji green tea shower gel

2.Vitamin E Lip Balm

If there has to be one wonder product from TBS,it has to be this for me.I had dark hyperpigmented lips for the longest time and never thought there is a product which can improve this but Boy! these guys proved me wrong.On regular usage,my lips got pinker and had an even tone to them.I mean I could go out without lipstick application too.

tbs vitamin e lip balm

3.Tea Tree Oil

Yes,yes I know you love it too.It is a blessing bestowed directly from heaven for the acne prone skinned ladies.Everytime,I have a nasty pimple,a single application of this reduces the size considerably.The tea tree smell is quite rejuvenating in itself too.Love it!!

tbs tea tree oil

4.Moringa Beautifying Oil

An oil which can be used for face,body and hair.I use it as a facial oil to remove makeup or give myself a spa like facial massage after a long hectic day.Honestly,the smell was a bit weird for me in the beginning but now as I have got used to it,I quite like and enjoy it.

tbs moringa beautifying oil

5.Strawberry Shower Gel

This has been one of their oldest range and probably the most popular one, till date!Be it summers or winters,I find it equally refreshing and rejuvenating.This was my first buy from the brand and I love it to bits.This works up as a great makeup brush cleanser as well(think squeaky clean beauty blender) ๐Ÿ˜€

tbs strawberry shower gel

6.Vanilla Brulee Body Polish

Think Butterscotch Icecream right inside your bathroom sitting in a tube ๐Ÿ˜€ Everytime I use this and go to college,my friend in college used to be like “Who used this ice cream shower gel today?”TBS products and irresistible smells go hand in hand.This is a winter product though as it can be a little too moisturising for summer season.

tbs vanilla brulee body polish


7.Strawberry Hand Cream

This works great during summers when the hands need light moisturisation.The size and its compactness make it a perfect handbag companion.Almost all the hand creams from the brand work similarly for me.

tbs strawberry hand cream

8.Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel

Very close to the vanilla brulee smell but more apt for the summers.I was so heartbroken to learn that the range had been discontinued here in India.It was a sheer indulgence to take a bath with this shower gel.

tbs vanilla shower gel

9.Wild Argan Body Butter

A TBS favourites post without a body butter will be incomplete.This product is one of their most popular given the amazing smell,intense moisturisation and long lasting power.If there is one product,I can suggest you to lay your hands on,it will be a body butter from The Body Shop.

tbs wild argan body butter

10.Shea Eau de Toilette

It has a warm,engulfing smell that makes it a perfect everyday wear perfume.Since its unisexual my dad and I both love to wear it for work/college

tbs shea eau de toilette

These were my top 10 from The Body Shop.I would love to know your favourite TBS products in the comments down below.
Until next time,bye bye!!

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