Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Secret Apps of 2016


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I am back with a new post today where I am talking about the top 5 fashion and beauty apps you all should know about,which are probably the best kept celebrity secrets.Yes you heard it right,celebs share all their discreet things there.Shhhh!!!!

One thing is for sure,mobile phone apps have completely taken over our lives.We eat,sleep,drink,breathe these apps.There are numerous for almost all our daily activities and lifestyle needs.You have app that tells you how much to eat,drink,exercise,run,sleep meditate and what not.There are innumerable apps that suggest beauty and fashion tips but very few that actually stream live fashion videos or live beauty secrets from celebs and other experts.

With a lot of research and peek into each of these apps,I have narrowed down top 5 such apps where we get to know about celebrity fashion and celebrity live beauty tips.You find beauty and fashion tips directly from your favorite celebs here,raw and unplugged.Not only these,they also share what they do in their day to day life and how they spend their time.

1.Fame App

You might be living under a rock or be a total social media disoriented person to not know about this app.In a span of few months,I have seen the biggest Indian celebrities beaming live on this app time and again be it Shahrukh Khan,KRK,Kartik Aryan,Lauren Gottlieb,Kalki Koechlin and the list goes on.But the best part about this app is that beauty and fashion enthusiasts like you and me get to share our live beauty secrets on this app too.

You can find all the details for #fame app here fame


Check the crisp and easy user interface in this picture above.I love how easily I can navigate and find what/who I want in this app.In this screenshot,you can see some of the most beloved fashionistas of Bollywood at the moment,Jacqueline and Kanika Kapoor beamed live as well.

Check out all fashion and beauty related  Streams on the #fame app

2. V-Live

V LIVE lets celebs broadcast live videos to you and you can see what they are seeing in real time from anywhere in the world.Finding out new things about them is quite enjoyable.You can express your feelings to celebs through chat messages and heart icons.They might even reply back to you.How cool is that,right! This live streaming app rarely has Indian celebs going live on it so #fame app on the win there.

v live

All the details regarding the app can be found here

3. Meerkat

Meerkat is an easy to use,iPhone specific app which lets user link their Twitter accounts and live stream themselves in the form of a video on the app or simply calling it as a video selfie live.While the app seems to be interesting,the connectivity exclusively to the Twitter account can be an issue for those who don’t use that particular social media.This is one of the main reasons users could not feel connected with the app,hence the decline in popularity.The live streaming it offers doesn’t pitch in many users to interestedly join in the app.

meerkat app

4. Twitcasting viewer

TwitCasting Viewer is an app that notifies you when your favorite user goes on live. You can watch his/her live on your device with TwitCasting Viewer.This app doesn’t require connectivity to a Twitter account hence is easier to register/login and get started.One great feature in this is that you can broadcast together with your friends in ‘Collabo’ mode.Personally,I found the interface a little boring as compared to fame and Snapchat.

twitcasting viewer


Snapchat has been growing to be another favourite among all fashion and beauty enthusiasts.People share their day to day lives via these snaps to communicate with the people who follow them and like what they do.This doesn’t beam continuously like the fame app i.e. each snap can be uploaded for maximum 15 seconds only which is a big downer.If one has to communicate with a video selfie,making n number of snaps to say one thing can be cumbersome.


These were my top 5 apps where I get my secret dose of untamed fashion and beauty by some of the biggest celebs.I would love to know your top 5 apps in this genre.Which of these apps are you familiar with and like to go live on?I would love to know in the comments down below.

Until next time,bye bye!!

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