Difference between Concealers and Correctors

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Concealers and Correctors Make or Break!

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I am back with a new post today and this time it is the A-Z of concealers and correctors.The first thing that I would like to mention here is that concealing and colour correcting is not the same thing and only using a corrector might not hide the dark circles,hyperpigmentation or even for that matter red acne.This is the reason why correctors came in the picture and are the ultimate heroes in your base makeup stash.

The idea to formulate this post came,when I was chatting with a few of my friends and they wanted to know how to conceal the dark circles under the eye.Instead of concealing,we colour correct the darkness under the eyes which makes a blank canvas for a flawless base.

If you will ever closely notice your unevenness on the face,you would see red, dark purple,brown,greyish cast on different areas and would have definitely noticed that using your concealer makes those areas look even more greyish (with some coverage).The reason behind this is that the concealers that we generally buy and use are the ones which have yellow or pink undertones in them.This does not address the problem on your face thus leaving its purpose partially unfulfilled.

Here the various colour correctors come into play.Let us see how:-

1.Orange Colour Corrector

This has been the most talked about thing in the recent times amonngst all makeup junkies/experts.The dark purple/greyish undertones under the eyes or around the nose+ mouth are corrected using an orange corrector.When I first learnt about the existence of such a product,it changed my perception about the power of makeup.I remember,the sales assistant at Clinique using this under my eyes and my face got an instant lift and transformation.

We in India,tend to not only have under eye dark circles but a similar kind of hyperpigmentation around our mouth also which no matter how much foundation we layer,tends to peek through.This orange corrector however conceals and brightens that area too.One thing to take note of here is that if you are towards the paler skin you need a peach corrector and if you are in the wheatish/medium skintone a true orange corrector would work best for you.

clinique even better



Some Brand Recommendations:-

Kryolan Supracolor(INR 200 only),Clinique Even Better Concealer,Kryolan TV Paint Stick(303),Bobbi Brown Corrector

2.Green Colour Corrector

If you have never heard about this,it might sound a little crazy but yes a green coloured corrector is used for base makeup and this helps in concealing the redness of acne.The science behind this is that green colour occurs exactly opposite to the colour red in the colour spectrum,so it neutralises the red.The catch behind using a green coloured corrector is that how tactfully can you blend this over the acne or blemish.

Appropriate amount of the corrector helps in neutralising the redness of acne on the skin.It is essential to top this off with a foundation/concealer to avoid looking unnatural on the skin.

Freedom colour corrector

Some Brand Recommendations:-

MUA Prime and Conceal Colour Correcting Cream,NYX Colour Correcting Palette/Individual Colour Correctors ,Freedom Pro Conceal Palette

3.Yellow Colour Corrector

A yellow colour corrector is basically used to highlight the desired areas of your face.Suppose you have colour corrected the under eye perfectly but it lacks that highlight that needs to stand apart.The colour yellow then helps in brightening those areas.It comes in a cream as well as loose powder form.Also if you would want the bridge if the nose and the contour of your face to look more chiseled this is a great option to get your hands on.

MUA colour corrector

Some Brand Recommendations:-

Ben Nye Banana Powder,MUA Pro Base Correct and Conceal Cream

This was my gyaan on concealers and correctors.

Do let me know if you like to use correctors in your base makeup!

Until nest time,bye bye!!

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  1. That’s an awesome post dear.I loved your detailed post.Most of the girls are not familiar with colour correcting so this post will be useful for every girl who wants to know about Color correcting.I love the pure orange color corrector by Mac.Will definitely try out other color correctors from your recommendations.

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