Four Types of Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

grunge smokey eye

Hi everyone!!

Its almost the weekend and I am back with a new post for you all today.This is about a kind of makeup look which has been a rage for the past few years and I still see it going strong,be it on runways,on brides,beauty bloggers or even on people in everyday life.Yes,I am pointing out at the smokey eye makeup which we all love looking at and replicating on ourselves.

Today we will see the four different versions of the classic smokey eye which can be created easily with the help of some basic eyeshadow or even better one complete eyeshadow palette in our vanity.

1.Everyday Smokey Eye

Now,most of us perceive a smokey eye look which can only be worn for parties or special occasions but by using subtle shades of eyeshadows or even by toning down the colours used in the classic smokey eye,it can be worn as an everyday look too.

everyday smokey eye

In this look use of a soft muted brown with gradient strengthening as we move from the centre outwards and a black liner creates a subtle smokey look.

2. Metallic Smokey Eye

So this particular variant of smokey eyes,is the much in demand kind which is mostly seen on brides,in elaborate beauty shoots etc.I personally love how gorgeous and glamourous it can make one look with that stark intensity on eyelids.

metallic smokey eye

For achieving this particular smokey eye,one needs to get hold of glitter makeup pigments or foiled eyeshadows which are available across many brands includes Faces Canada,Stila,Makeup Geek etc.

3. Sultry Smokey Eye

The eyes that you cannot take your eyes off and one of the most coveted effortless looks to achieve in eye makeup.A barely there,yet impactful sultry smokey eye enhances the facial features like none other because it looks.

sultry smokey eye

In this picture,the highlight of this look is the winged eyeliner.While the eyeshadows are ther on the eyelids,the colours work together to enhance the features of the eye.This is the most important aspect of a sultry smokey eye

4.Grungy Smokey Eye

Grunge,rock chic,biker look,goth whatever you might name it.The wicked yet appealing eye makeup look has been a hot favourite with young women these days.The impactful look comes out great when paired with a dark lip colour and this is where the look gets differentiated since most of the smokey eyes are worn with nude lip shades.

grunge smokey eye

Few Tips for Smokey Eye Looks

  • Make use of a lot of different brushes as they help in achieving the exact desired look.
  • Keep few extra clean brushes handy for seamless blending of two colours.
  • Make use of false lashes since they can make or break a look.
  • Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes works great in case of a smokey eye.

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Thats it from my side too.Do let me know how did you find this post and which is your favourite smokey eye look to try out.

See you soon.Bye Bye!!!

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