How to be a Less Impulsive Shopper?

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Hey Guys!!

I am back with a new post this Monday.The topic I am going to talk about is very interesting and quite close to all our hearts.

That’s right,it’s SHOPPING!!!!!

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We,as females have this gift from God to shop tirelessly,endlessly to the limit that sometimes we can go crazily bankrupt.Yes,and it quite easy in today’s time since the market is flooded with gazillion products,it becomes very difficult for us to pick something up that we actually need and something which will add value to our closet.So today I will share few tips and tricks which can control that shopping impulse or make it a little lesser.

1.Plan Before Buying                                                                                                                                          Planning your next shopping trip helps you to be more oragnized than you can even imagine.Download your favorite stores’ app and find the items that you need/like and will be most probably buying next time you visit a mall.Like for me personally,I love shopping at ZARA and H&M,so I have their apps on my phone and saved a wishlist of the items that I like.When I will visit the store next time,instead of aimless hunting,my eyes will only be looking for the items I have already decided upon,from my planning beforehand.This is not only going to save time but my shopping experience is also going to be a lot smoother.

2.Make Lists of the Items You Want                                                                                                            Yes! Remember,our moms making the list of items to be bought for montly ration.Make a list of the clothing,shoes,make up items you have been wanting from a long time.You can easily look upon that list when you are in a mall and straightaway head to the respective stores.

3. Research about the items                                                                                                                           This is where reviews by bloggers come in handy.Always research about the items you wish to buy,on the internet or from your friends who already have it.An apt and honest review about any makeup or clothing item can save one loads of moolahs which in turn will help us buy more of our favorite items 😀 Yay!!Decide on items ,keeping in mind you skin type,body type to speeden up your shopping process.

4.Decide on a budget range                                                                                                                             Give yourself a budget within which you have to complete your entire shopping on your next visit to the mall.What this does this,while it satiates your craving to shop wholesomely,it saves you from splurging a lot on unneccesary items.Budgeting a shopping helps one to re-think and strike out the less needful items from the list.Afterall,this is the appropriate age one can start learning the importance of having a sustainable economy.

5. Be content with Yourself                                                                                                                             Do not jump into buying something just because your XYZ friend has it.You already have a lot of make up and clothing items which havent been worn even once.Determine yourself to use them first and then hop on to buying new items.Most of the times we end up splurging on expensive items just because we want to show it off to some friend or relative.Stop procrastinating and invest some time in giving thought to the items lying uselessly in your wardrobe.

6. Re-hash old Closet items                                                                                                                           Mix and Match is one thing which will never go out of trend.Mix your new closet items with the old,even vintage pieces from your Mom’s closet.The end result is exceptionally pleasant to the eyes,so many times.Trying wearing your designer stitched backless blouse with your Mom’s 25-30 years old saree and see what magic it creates.DIY clothing items from old ones make the best wearable stuff since this is an era of distressed denims,patch work ensembles.


That’s all the gyaan I have at my end to share with you guys.

Do let me know what are your tips to control that urge to shop and lets make the world a sustainable,happy place to live in 🙂

See you next!Bye Bye!!!!

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