Must Have Beauty Essentials for every 20 Somethings

The Body Shop Facial Oil

Hey Guys!

Back with a new post today.I have something related to Skincare and Makeup to share with you all.Yay!!!So lets get started with the list.

Being in your 20s feels like the most amazing time of your life,right? Hi-Five!!! You are young,can party till the wee hours of the morning without any stress,minimal responsibilities for most of us at the household front.The genes are young and so is our skin.So this seems like the prefect time to take care of the largest organ of our body.Good care this day will reap sweet results when we reach our forties and fifties.

Here I am penning down some essentials every 20 somethings should have in her vanity.


I cannot emphasize on the importance a moisturizer holds in our skincare routine.Personally,I had skipped using a moisturizer my entire life but its incorporation after cleansing my face,made a whole lot of difference in the way my facial skin looked and its texture.Please girls,whatever you skin type be,dry,combination,oily-make sure you pick a moisturizer for your skin type and USE IT.La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

2. Sunscreen

Want to enjoy your healthy looking skin throughout,free from freckles,spots and hyperpigmentation?A good sunscreen is your answer.Investing in a one,appropriate for your skin type not only saves you from that uneven tan but protects the skin from ageing too.Now isnt that something we have been aspiring for?

Bioderma Sunscreen

3. Lip Balm

Youthful rosy pink lips?

Yes please.

The answer is a good lip balm which preferably has an SPF in it.Sun not only cause damages to the facial skin but turns the lips darker too.Plus who would like to wear a matte lipstick on those chapped lips,right?

The Body Shop Lip balm

4. Facial Oils

Yes!! Even if you have supremely oily skin,its a big YES.The secret to enjoy youthful skin throughout your life is a routinely facial oil massage.These facial oil massages help in keeping the skin taut,lymphatic system drainage from the face effectively.Not only this,they are helpful in removing makeup in a gentle manner too.Such a multipurpose item is a must have.The Body Shop Facial Oil

5. Face Masks

Face Masks are a quick perk me up,when I am feeling down items.There is one for every skin type,addressing your skin concerns and effective in dealing with your skin texture.The ones made at home through dadi-nani’s nuskhas work equally well and can be found in thekitchen almost everytime.Make sure to rejuvenate your skin every now and then with a quick face mask application after a long tiring day.

Avene Cleanance Mask

These were some of the beauty essentials from my vanity.What are the things according to you which should be present in a young lady’s beauty kit?

Eager to hear your comments on this πŸ™‚

Until next time.Bye Bye!!

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